A stress-free Move

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I am moving next week . . . I hate moving!

I know its one of those things that nobody really likes, but I have a particular aversion to it. There was probably a period of 6 years there where I moved house almost every 6 months, and with each new move I would dread it more.

Giving notice on your lease, preparing for your final rental inspection, negotiating to have your bond refunded, packing boxes, disconnecting and reconnecting utilities, finding a friend with a ute or a van, or going to the expense of hiring one.

It is all just hideous!

Ansd thats before you start to factor in the actual heavy lifting, bending, manoevering of awkwardly shaped large items, the repitition of scaling several flights of stairs . . . arrghh

I can feel my blood-pressure rise as I think about it!

However, this move is going to be relatively stress-free. Why? Because its kind of a half move. Before I moved down to Tasmania, I put the bulk of my belongings in storage in a friends vacant garage in Sydney. I quite literally came down here with the shirt on my back and whatever fitted in the car.

Now that I am returning I have very little to pack or organise.

No furniture to haul, or kitchenwear to wrap, or nick-nacks to organise, or old university notes and books to lug around . . . I feel like a free woman!

No cleaning, or lease, or utilities, because its my parents house, fully furnished when I arrived and they are continuing to live here after I leave.

The friend who was storing my belongings and furniture is the person Im moving in with when I get back to Sydney, and theyve already moved all my gear over.

Its like magic!

All I have to do is drive up and unpack!

Oh well there is the little matter of assembling my bed frame that I wont be able to avoid . . .