Back On The Wagon

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I am back on Tony Ferguson.

I lost 1.4kg this week, my first week back.

I mostly miss eating bread, I love bread. There are plenty of sweet sugar substitutes but nothing can replace soft white bread.

I had chinese food, garlic chicken, without the rice (well, I snuck a couple of tablespoons of rice) one night, and a few bottles of passion pop another night, but I have largely stuck to keeping off the carbs.

I've been having tinned fruit with a scoop of the "no added sugar" icecream, or a Skinny Cow sundae, plus oodles of low joule jelly. I also snack on cashews and Sugarless chocolate. For drinks I have low joule cordial, Coke Zero, Waterfords pink grapefruit soda, or plain soda water.

I bought the "Restart" package that included the multi-vitamin, fibre, chromium (yes, I think of Erin Brockovich every time I see that word), cookbook, magazines, and new shaker etc.

I am going to water aerobics tomorrow night with one of my super-fit friends. It has been recommended to me for so long as a way of managing chronic back pain, so when I heard someone I knew was doing it I jumped at the opportunity.

Ive got a few things going on with study and work opportunities, which I will go into more detail about later, but I hope I dont use them as an excuse to fall off the Tony Ferguson wagon again.