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I lost 1.1kg this week.

I'm doing aqua-fitness twice a week and I haven't been drinking alcohol.

Last time I went drinking I had way to many beers and started drinking Smirnoffs and Bundy & Coke. I have an incredible ability to rationalise this high sugar intake. I think "oh but I never go out in Sydney any more, its just one night, its a treat". That would be ok if it was one treat. But I don't have one drink. I have twenty drinks. And I haven't really done anything to deserve twenty treats.

I know beer and alco-pops contain carbs, but they also encourage you to eat greasy take-away food in the wee small hours of the night, and more greasy takeaway the next day as hangover cure. It is more the behaviour that the loose-inhibitions produce.

Maccas is hangover cure, and Yeeros (Oxford St) is Sydney tradition, and Oasis Kebabs (Beaumont St) is a Newcastle tradition.

So there is the dilemma: do you try to break the habits associated with the activity, or avoid the activity altogether?

I went to pub trivia without drinking. I made myself designated driver and sat on the lime and soda all night.

I guess a benefit of drinking less is spending less.


Boring food, boring life.

Well Mardi Gras will be an opportunity to let loose. Something to get excited about. My wig came in the post today, I am extremely excited. I hope the day's not too hot.